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Sworn Valuations

Only a qualified valuer is able to give you a sworn valuation.
Frank Trimboli became a fully qualified Valuer for the state of Victoria in 1967. Since then he has been engaged in carrying out Valuations of all types and for many years has also been a lecturer in Valuations at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

What is a Sworn Valuation?

A sworn valuation is an independent legally recognised assessment of the value of a property. Sworn Valuations must be in writing and can only be submitted by a qualified and registered Real Estate Valuer.

When do I need a Sworn Valuation?

Sworn Valuations can be requested by vendors or buyers, solicitors or financial institutions to establish current market value on mortgage properties for sale, re-evaluation of assets, liquidation or realisation, rental assessments and compulsory acquisition.


Frank Trimboli has been providing Sworn Valuations for almost 50 years, and is one of the leading Valuers in the Western Suburbs. Most importantly, we maintain accurate reporting methods to ensure that all information regarding local market conditions, potential growth and capital appreciation is kept up to date.

Our company is also often engaged to provide independent, authoritative rental assessments for both lessor and lessee, and to act as an expert witness as required.

If you are interested in a Sworn Valuation please complete this form and Frank Trimboli will contact you to arrange a time to inspect the property.

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