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Trimson Partners Real Estate

Emergency Contacts & Maintenance Policy

Trimson Partners has a strict office policy where all maintenance issues must be presented to in writing before they can be actioned.

During your stay at the property you may encounter maintenance issues which need to be fixed by qualified tradespeople. If you require an urgent repair can you please call our office directly on 03 9689 6011 during business hours, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If your repair request falls within the Victorian tenancies Act guidelines for Urgent Repairs and you believe you cannot wait for our office hours to report it, then please ring one of the following numbers:-

Prestige Electrical: 0403 557 747
John’s Electrical: 0470 651 353
Sharp Plumbing Solutions: 0411 697 590
Trust Plumbing: 0423 711 514
East Keilor Locksmith: 0414 372 649
I.O.S locksmiths: 0401 542 551
Emergency Call 000
SES 13 25 00

These are the preferred tradespeople for Trimson Partners and are well versed in the law relating to urgent repairs and this agency’s procedures around it.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU will need to pay for any emergency repair UPFRONT and seek reimbursement from the Residential Rental Provider

If your repair request is not urgent as described by the Tenancies Act please email your property manager directly, giving as much information as possible including photos.

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