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Residential renter provider(RRP) Services

Choosing the right agent for your property is an important decision, just as you would take time to research an agent for sales, we expect the same for a property to lease and manage.

We pride ourselves on being equipped with the latest system, procedures and technology. We believe that we are modern thinkers and are always striving to achieve the very best results for our clients. After successfully combining the old ways with the new and not forgetting our ethics, we believe this is what has made our name as strong as it is today.

Communication with our clients is the key to successful Property Management. Generally, our industry is re-active in communicating with clients. Our philosophy is to be proactive in all facets of Property Management i.e.: rent reviews, rent renewals, routine inspections etc. Once you have joined Trimson Partners, we are sure you will be truly satisfied. 

Level of Service

Tenant Selection

During the screening process of the prospective tenant applications,we maintain constant contact with our Landlords in order to obtain the Landlord’s input and agree to our recommendation.

Our screening procedure includes:

  • Past rental history (obtained by contacting current and past Landlords/Agents)
  • Employment reference
  • 100 point identification check (drivers license, passport, Medicare)
  • Pre- application interview whilst inspecting the property

Rent Reviews

These are conducted in accordance to the Residential Tenancies Act and assessed on a six monthly basis, ensuring the property maintains a rental comparable to local market rental values.

Routine Inspections

To ensure the upkeep of investment properties periodic inspections are conducted every twelve months. You are invited to attend these inspections, however, if you choose not to attend a detailed report of our findings will be forwarded to you after the inspection is complete.

Lease Renewals

Upon the expiry of your fixed term agreement, we shall communicate with you in regards to lease continuation and prescribed terms.


Should properties be vacated by existing tenants, our efforts will be focused on ensuring a swift replacement of an acceptable new tenant, minimising the vacancy period.

  • Upon tenants giving the prescribed 28 days written notice to vacate the premises we communicate with Landlords in regards to re-leasing rental and lease terms.
  • Advertising will commence immediately.
  • Open for inspections will be scheduled to allow potential tenants the opportunity to submit application forms for processing and liaising with Landlords. Upon tenants vacating the premises an extensive final inspection will be conducted, ensuring the property remains in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the lease. (Fair wear and tear will be accepted.)
  • Upon the commencement of a new Lease Agreement an ingoing condition report is prepared to ensure the current state of the property is recorded on an REIV approved document which tenants sign when they take possession; thus ensuring that the property has been maintained at the condition of the commencement of the lease. Should the tenants cause damage to the property during their occupancy, the condition report will assist in obtaining an order through Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Repairs and Maintenance

Upon receiving notification of repairs/maintenance items from the tenant, we will act in expeditiously in contacting the Landlord for instructions to carry out repairs. Our office has a selection of qualified trade’s people to carry out the required repairs. Alternatively Landlords can nominate preferred trades people. We shall organise access for the tradespeople and once the job is completed satisfactory, the invoice amount shall be deducted for the incoming rent and a copy of the invoice attached to your monthly statement.

Rent Collection

Our tenants are given a DEFT card for paying rent.

Managing the Legal Aspects

Our portfolio managers are fluent with the Residential Tenancies Act and the procedures of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Each is qualified to serve notice to tenants and represent you at Tribunal hearings.

Associated Fees

Our fees are negotiable and highly competitive, based on the varied level of service you require and shall be assessed by the time and expertise required to deliver those services. By providing the best level of service we ensure you are given the best value for money. 

Marketing Your Property

In order to achieve a minimal vacancy period we suggest marketing commence approximately three (3) weeks prior to the property becoming available. Our marketing is cost effective and targeted!

  • Your property will be advertised on our company website as well as,,,, and with a full display of coloured digital photographs and a comprehensive description of the property.
  • The above advertisement will appear in our office rental list, which is viewed by many prospective tenants throughout the day.
  • Open for inspections will be conducted at your property at pre-determined times for all interested tenants.
  • A ‘For Lease’ sign can be erected at the front of your property if it is permitted and permission is granted.

Preparing Your Rental Property

Your property should be presented in a neat and tidy manner ensuring it appeals to more prospective tenants. Most properties are leased unfurnished however, as a minimum, decent quality carpets and light fittings are recommended. As a landlord you have the legal duty to provide a safe property for the tenants, ensuring a working smoke detector is installed and any electrical equipment is safe to use.